Accelerated Mobile Links

Activate AMP-enabled links across your entire domain

Slow mobile experiences are frustrating for visitors. Website owners want to provide the fastest, most engaging experience possible. Cloudflare’s Accelerated Mobile Links, powered by AMP, loads AMP-enabled external links inside of a viewing window, within the same tab, at least 3 times faster than normal mobile pages. Until now, AMP-enabled links were only accessible through the likes of Google, Twitter, Bing News, and Facebook. Cloudflare’s Accelerated Mobile Links democratizes the power of AMP for free across all Cloudflare plans.

For customers that need even greater control on how their visitors experience AMP-enabled, Cloudflare offers Enterprise only AMP features including Branded AMP Cache and AMP Viewer SDK. Learn more about Enterprise only AMP features.

App-quick browsing experience

Viewing AMP-enabled content through Cloudflare’s Accelerated Mobile Links is at least 3 times faster than loading traditional mobile content.

Increased user engagement

Users can quickly view AMP-enabled external content in AMP Viewer, without ever having to leave your website. This provides a more native app feel for mobile websites.

Secure global caching

AMP-enabled pages linked on your website are cached across 165 data centers, in 76 different countries. They meet strict AMP HTML validation rules, and are checked for potential security issues like XSS attacks.

How Does Accelerated Mobile Links Work?

With Accelerated Mobile Links enabled, our AMP Discovery technology finds any AMP links on the page and starts caching the AMP content around our secure global AMP cache. The AMP Discovery technology allows our publishers and partners to have third party AMP pages discovered and served on their site directly from Cloudflare’s edge. Cloudflare edges are present across 165 data centers in 76 different countries.

Now that the AMP contents on the page are cached, when a user taps on a link, the browser fetches the AMP article from Cloudflare’s AMP cache and presents our AMP Viewer (the viewer that slides up when you click on an AMP link on same page to provide native like mobile experience.).

The AMP Viewer uses the AMP HTML runtime to load the AMP article. AMP pages are delivered through Cloudflare’s secure AMP Cache. Cloudflare ensures that all of the pages meet the strict validation rules of the AMP HTML spec and check for potential security issues like XSS attacks.

Ampersand to easily brand AMP pages so that sharable links will point to their custom AMP domain. Ampersand eliminates the dependency of hosting AMP content on Google’s CDN, providing you greater control over your data and enhanced analytics on key traffic metrics.
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AMP Viewer SDK gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of the AMP viewer that serves your visitors content. AMP Viewer SDK allows you to change the AMP Viewer colors, add carousel animation when viewing multiple pages, document stitching when visitors scroll to the end of a document, and so much more.
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Empowering mobile websites
with the power of AMP

Over the past year, publishers including BuzzFeed, BBC, DailyMail, The Economist, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Mashable, The New York Times, and Wired have optimized more than 600 million pages of new content using the AMP HTML format. David Merrell, Senior Product Manager at The Washington Post reports “We have seen load times average 400 milliseconds, an 88% improvement over our traditional mobile website.“. The Washington Post also saw a 23% increase in mobile search users who return within 7 days of viewing AMP content.

By enabling Accelerated Mobile Links, Cloudflare delivers an experience analogous to viewing AMP-enabled pages from a top-level Google search. Accelerated Mobile Links looks for valid AMP URLs on your website, and shows the visitor which of them are AMP URLs. Once a visitor clicks on a valid AMP link, the page launches instantly in AMP Viewer, within the same tab.

AMP-enabled URLs on your website are cached in Cloudflare’s secure AMP Cache, ensuring they meet the strict validation rules of the AMP HTML spec, while checking for security issues like XSS attacks.

Enable Accelerated Mobile Links Today

Accelerated Mobile Links is available for free, across all of Cloudflare’s plans. It can be enabled under the Speed Tab from within the Cloudflare Dashboard.

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