One of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world.


Cloudflare’s global Anycast network powers our DNS service, resolving 60 billion DNS queries per day, and growing. More than 7 million websites, including major e-commerce sites, government agencies, and enterprises use Cloudflare DNS to make sure their website is online and always available to anyone in the world.

Overall, I believe Cloudflare is the best thing to happen to the Web in recent memory, and by extension, the Internet at large. Cloudflare’s infrastructure is staggering and the architecture and pace of innovation are simply impressive.
Chris Holland, Director of Technology for Luxury Link
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Ensuring the availability of your Internet properties is just as important as protecting them from malicious requests. Leveraging Cloudflare’s massive edge network means that instead of relying on only a handful of servers, you now have thousands of machines around the world making sure that visitors can reach your content.

  • Robust Security


    Cloudflare’s DNS service is powered by the same 155 data center network that powers our DDoS and CDN services. This not only improves DNS resolution times, but also makes DNS-related attacks and outages a thing of the past.
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    China Network

    Cloudflare’s China service optimizes Internet connections in mainland China, dramatically improving the viewing experience for visitors in China.
  • Fixed bandwidth costs

    Predictable Bandwidth Costs

    We believe that you should never be surprised by your monthly bill. Our flat-rate pricing structure makes your CDN and DDoS bandwidth expenses predictable.

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