Luxury Link

Since 1997, has evolved from an exclusive e-mail list to exclusive online listings. Luxury Link has pioneered the web-based auction model for Luxury Travel. Their audience is extremely savvy, discerning and demanding of the greatest possible value for the most outstanding luxury vacation experiences.

Business challenge

The online travel landscape is competitive. Luxury Link is constantly working to optimize their website to make sure visitors get the most out of the experience. Their web property experience includes everything from design to merchandising to site performance to SEO and the conversion funnel.

These core fundamentals really matter to Luxury Link: performance, SEO, business intelligence, merchandising and seasonal relevance. For site performance, Luxury Link uses Cloudflare.



Cloudflare's impact

“One of the first things I did when I joined Luxury Link was keep a list of CDN players in the field so when the time was up with our current contract, we could choose a better CDN solution,” said Chris Holland, Director of Technology for Luxury Link. “I evaluated companies and had Cloudflare at the top of the list.”

By choosing Cloudflare, Luxury Link went from $4,000 a month down to $160 a month for a performance, security and CDN solution.

In addition, Chris did not want to be without a service that assisted in DDoS mitigation. Toward the end of 2011, he put in the 2012 budget a $600 a-month partnership for a DDoS protection service. That item has since been removed from the budget because, with Cloudflare, Chris feels Luxury Link is in a better position to be protected. Since becoming a Cloudflare customer, Luxury Link has seen a 42% decrease in the average time it takes to download a dynamic web page and has seen, on average, a 40% reduction in bandwidth usage.

“Overall, I believe Cloudflare is the best thing to happen to the Web in recent memory, and by extension, the Internet at large,” says Chris. “Cloudflare’s infrastructure is staggering and the architecture and pace of innovation are simply impressive. Cloudflare’s offerings have an incredibly positive impact on site owners and web visitors.”

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Key Results

42% decrease in load time

Monthly savings of more than $4,500

40% reduction in bandwidth usage

DDoS protection solution

“I believe Cloudflare is the best thing to happen to the web in recent memory.”

Chris Holland
Director of Technology