Infolinks supercharges their DNS with Cloudflare.

Infolinks is an ad tech company focused on working with publishers and advertisers to help them meet their goals through web property monetization and online ad campaigns.

“Our goal is to serve our customers, advertisers and publishers, in the best way possible” said Arik Kfir CTO of Infolinks, “which means delivering innovative ad units, intent-driven technologies, automated optimizations, and facilitating the ongoing trend towards mobile.”

Infolinks’ Challenge: Ensuring High Performing Ad Delivery

Delivering best-in-class technology means Infolinks is constantly looking to optimize their platform. “We had been using Verizon EdgeCast as a global CDN and Dyn as a DNS provider”, explained Kfir, “however, we were frustrated with high prices and slow DNS propagation. The system was configured in a way that if a server went down we had to manually remove the faulty server from our DNS-based load balancer, which meant it would be several minutes or even hours before traffic switched to our healthy servers. This delay could really impact our ability to serve our customers ads, so we began to search for alternatives. ”

Infolinks' Solution: Fast DNS Propagation for Fast Ad Delivery


Searching the market, Infolinks found Cloudflare as an affordable, all-in-one solution to dramatically improve their DNS performance. Not only did Infolinks save money by switching to Cloudflare’s Network, but they also now enjoy support for rapid rollout of DNS changes, which had not been possible with their existing provider. Cloudflare offers the fastest managed DNS service in the world. These rapid DNS changes mean Infolinks can easily shift traffic in the case that one of their servers goes down and have changes propagate to all of their end users in less than a minute.

Infolinks evaluated competitors in the space, but, as Kfir noted “Cloudflare’s offering was more cost effective, while providing more servers around the world.” Cloudflare now serves as Infolinks main global DNS provider as well as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for some of their services. Plus, Infolinks enjoys performance boosts to their public website by implementing Cloudflare’s AutoMinify and Mirage features, which programmatically optimize code and resize images for the screen they’re being viewed on.

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Key Results

DNS changes reduced from hours to less than a minute to fully propagate

Reduced DNS and Bandwidth Costs by 40%

“Cloudflare is a simple, flexible, and reliable CDN and DNS provider.”

Arik Kfir