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Catraca Livre uses Cloudflare to protect and enhance its media platform.


Catraca Livre's mission is to use communication to empower people. Covering everything from culture, to health and mobility, and even education, sports, and entertainment, Catraca Livre hopes to offer readers content about anything they’re interested in.

“From a technical point of view, Catraca Livre is an ecosystem of software and services running on WordPress that sees 2 million page views everyday,” explained Fabio Montefuscolo a developer at Catraca Livre.

Catraca Livre’s Challenge: Managing Costs and Maintaining Performance and Security at Scale

As Catraca Livre’s viewership grew, they met technical challenges scaling their platform. Montefuscolo noted that “the traffic volume we were seeing was getting too high for our WordPress environment even with good machines. We were hitting limits for memory and processing, and our bandwidth costs were growing rapidly. In short, we were stuck in a bad situation where we were delivering content to users with high latency and high cost.”

Catraca Livre knew it needed a solution to help lower costs and increase site performance, while lightening the load on their internal infrastructure.

Catraca Livre’s Solution: A Cost Effective Performance & Security Network

After vetting several vendors, Catraca Livre decided to use Cloudflare for it’s robust CDN, powerful security suite, and competitive pricing. “Today, we use Cloudflare as a CDN to distribute and cache our content and as a safeguard against DDoS attacks,” explained Alexandre De Maio, Head of Technology at Catraca Livre.

Cloudflare’s CDN has data centers in 194 cities around the globe. From these data centers Catraca Livre’s static content is cached and served, thereby reducing geographic latency for Catraca Livre readers and helping Catraca Livre dramatically reduce infrastructure costs and save over 95% on bandwidth.

Site security was particularly important for Catraca Livre as cyber attacks against are rapidly increasing in both size and frequency. “The security features that Cloudflare offers are very important to us since we've had a history of DDoS and brute-force attacks against our WordPress site,” noted Montefuscolo. “A lot of the other solutions did not offer a WAF or DDoS protection, and we consider these crucial features of Cloudflare’s offering.” Cloudflare’s WAF and DDoS mitigation block over 13,000 attacks aimed at Catraca Livre everyday.

De Maio concluded “The Cloudflare adoption happened during a period when Catraca Livre was rapidly growing in audience. It was the perfect solution for us because it lowered costs while we were serving more readers. Cloudflare also helps us serve content quicker and ensures our site is safe from attacks.”

Catraca Livre
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“The savings with Cloudflare have been very significant. The fact that we spend less with our infrastructure, while having a faster, safer website gave us opportunity to invest in other areas.”

Alexandre De Maio
Head of Technology