With Cloudflare sitting in front of, the malicious attacks came to an abrupt halt.

The Company

Each week, millions of people visit to check out the latest trending content in the celebrity, fashion, and entertainment world. Whether you’re curious about your childhood celebrity crushes, intrigued by clever tattoo puns, or need a few kitten pictures to brighten your day— is for you.

In less than a year since launch, the company has figured out a way to effectively generate viral content. now boasts 43 million monthly pageviews and a U.S. Alexa rank of 650 — results that can make any website owner jealous.

The Challenge

Following quick ascend to popularity, Buzzlie experienced another side of the fame. The site became a target of notorious DDoS attacks. Steve Flee, Buzzlie’s Co-founder and CTO, says, “I was capable of handling the early DDoS attacks on my own. Then, things took a turn for the worse and we needed serious DDoS protection.” Having heard about Cloudflare and its security solutions, Flee contacted the company. He quickly realized that Cloudflare’s package included not only the best DDoS mitigation on the market, but also other performance and security benefits. This made signing up for Cloudflare a no-brainer!



by utilizing Cloudflare’s caching

The Results

With Cloudflare sitting in front of, the malicious attacks came to an abrupt halt. Flee remarks, “Cloudflare security engineers identified the traffic as a sophisticated Layer 7 attack, wrote a custom WAF rule, and had it deployed across their entire network immediately. I was blown away!” Now, Cloudflare ensures that is always online and receives 100% clean traffic.

In addition to DDoS mitigation, Cloudflare’s powerful cache allowed Buzzlie to realize a whopping 96% in savings on its monthly AWS bandwidth bill.

Buzzlie also took advantage of Cloudflare’s global network. “We knew we had a huge user base in Australia, but setting up a data center there wasn’t cost effective.” Cloudflare’s global network allowed Buzzlie to expand internationally and deliver content at lightning-fast speed to its Australian user base. Now with web security, performance, load balancing, and back-end infrastructure taken care of, Buzzlie can focus on what it does best: creating viral content to captivate its growing fan-base!

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Key Results

100% clean traffic

96% savings in AWS bandwidth bill

Running through Cloudflare's globally distributed network

“Cloudflare solved all my technical problems! No more DDoS attacks, large bandwidth bills, or worrying about international traffic. This team is amazing!”

Steve Flee
Co-Founder & CTO